The UFO Witness


A couple of days ago before I became fully awake, I started thinking about the different witnesses one sees in UFO cases. I’d watched an episode of the UFO Hunters the day before, where there were several witnesses contributing with their own stories. I started sorting them into different categories in my head, and found myself chuckling a little with some of them.. I made some sketches and the un-official not-to-be-taken-too-seriously -guide to the UFO witness, was born.

(I want to be clear about the fact that I know how traumatizing and at times dangerous it can be to come forward as a UFO witness. Most people have no hidden reasons to come forward and do so at great personal risk.)

The Trustworthy Witness

The story of the trustworthy witness may be long or short, with few or many details, but the story will not change significantly each time it is told. The story sticks in large part to facts and not interpretation (sort of a difficult one in UFO cases). This witness will correct the interviewer if he or she implies things that did not happen. Remember, most people should be viewed as credible witnesses, most have no reason to come forward other than a feeling of obligation to tell the truth, and do so at great personal risk. To spot a credible witness, you should pay attention to body language, if there could be hidden agendas, if other witnesses are backing up the story, and most important, you should have this guide in the back of your mind

The Elaborator


If an interviewer is very open minded, some witnesses feel free to elaborate a little. Or a lot. The elaborator may have seen something incredible, but often ruins his own credibility by adding too much of his own interpretations. This witness thrives on encouragement to tell his story, and tells it in great, and sometimes a little crazy, detail.

The Psychic Hunch

WPsychicHunchThis witness may have documents, education, and an impressive C.V to show for, and he might have seen things no-one else has. He is often consulted in documentaries as a witness on secret facilities, where he has seen incredible things hidden. There is probably proof somewhere of what he has seen, but in most cases, all we know he has seen, he has seen in his mind.

The Psychotic


This witness has read everything on the subject of UFOs, and feels pretty sure he’s experienced all of it himself. He might even (often) feel like he has been chosen by other beings for a very important misson. This witness feels compelled to write books, host seminars and various gatherings, and can gather a substantial crowd of followers. His beliefs in his mission and his experiences never falters. He is charismatic and convincing, but always fails to deliver any real proof.

The Fabulating

This witness has seen only very little. Maybe just an article online, followed by a guided tour of an alleged crash site. But he’s read a lot of books, by other fabulators. This witness quickly strays off path with his testimony (way off) and ends up having covered most of human history from a ufology perspective.

The B.S Witness


Human-Alien hybrids from the future impregnated his brain with a reptile featus while they transferred a binary code telepathically which turned out to be instructions on how to build an interdimensional portal device. 

In most cases I will argue that all witnesses are good witnesses, except perhaps for what I call the bullshit witness. The B.S witness was present at a major UFO sighting, and knows others who was also witness to the same thing. This might be the most solid UFO case the world has seen, and there might be several witnesses having seen exactly the same, who are all traumatized and destroyed by the experience, yet this one witness has always seen more, and with less devastation. This witness always gets time with the press, because he has the most outrageous story. The B.S witness is the one who makes the media and the public roll with laughter at press conferences, and go home thinking this was exactly what they thought about UFO (nuts).  How someone goes from being a witness to a B.S witness, one can only speculate.

The Third Person Account


“..My neighbor’s dad used to clean a fascility where they are storing aliens.” This “witness” means no harm, and is probably persuaded by a documentary film maker to tell her story. The witness testimony video is called something like “DAUGHTER OF NEIGHBOR TO AN EX-PROJECT BLUE BOOK EYEWITNESS.” Which can sound very convincing and just confusing enough that you’d want to watch it. And you should. But after you’ve watched it you should probably file it under “needs a closer look” in that great big UFO filing cabinet of your mind.


Hope you enjoyed my little guide, please let me know what you think. Have you spotted any other types of witnesses showing up in UFO cases? Don’t be afraid to comment!

Spaceship Docking At The ISS?


OK, so I didn’t want to tackle this thing, but I’ve given in. I will at least mention it. On January 29 a recording was made of NASAs live camera feed of the International Space Station and posted on YouTube. It shows a yellow, stream-lined thing, wedged between the Soyuz escape module and the Russian research-and-service-module on the ISS. The thing looks a bit like Aladdins lamp:

???????????????????????????????So what are my thoughts on this mysterious object? To be honest, like I said, I just didn’t really want to look into it at first. I follow the ISS astronauts on Twitter, I read their stuff on the NASA blog, I look at the photos they post, I have taken the virtual tour of the ISS (which was a treat, you should do it too!). Basically, it’s really hard for me to think aliens are docking to the ISS. I just find it incredibly hard to believe that is how they would go about a meeting for a start. Like why in space? Why meet with astronauts? Is it perhaps a regular happening we don’t know about? People stationed in space, hanging out?

The first thing I thought looking at this yellow weirdness was that it was something floating out from the ISS. But seeing how it doesn’t change it’s shape at all, it seems unlikely. Or does it? I know very little about how things behave in space. It is however very close, almost inside the station, which seems odd if it’s a craft of some sort. Is it a parachute? All the parachute’s I’ve seen have been striped, but maybe this is the best explanation. It does look a little bit like that. Or is it a test of some new technology? Most NASA technology has the elegance of LEGO, this looks very aerodynamic. Not that that’s an argument. God knows who makes what and where they test it. Basically, I have no idea what to think. I thought I’d discard it as a spaceship the moment I watched through the whole video, but after looking at it several times, I just don’t know. It is fun to contemplate.

One more thing: The live feed was cut off as it went into bluescreen mode, or so they say. Was NASA trying to cover up something by cutting the feed? What would they want to cover up?

What do you think about this video?


Robert Hall and the Gateshead Gray


There is a  documentary on YouTube called “The Gateshead Grey” which tells a very fascinating story. I think people coming forward with their stories is so important and I’m especially thrilled by stories from my own side of the world, in this case, England. The witness in this video is Robert Hall who, at the age of five, happened to run right into a scene which was out of this world. There are several pretty shocking things in this story. First of all, Robert and his friends encounter what seems to be several different beings working together. Always love those. One of them looks like Bigfoot, another one is human-looking, one being is wearing what looks to Robert like an old diver’s helmet, and then there are several beings who look like the typical gray alien. You can watch the videos here.

The most incredible thing in Robert Halls story might be the fact that he tells us his uncle hit one of the gray aliens over the head with a coal shovel and thus, killed it. The alien body was then hidden in the basement of the Saint Cuthbert’s Church in Gateshead. I personally think there are no reason to not believe Roberts account of this day. He was only five but there is so much detail in his story, and if you watch through the whole thing it looks like there’s been plenty of people backing it up on a radio show some years later, although the recordings of this have been lost. Another thing that makes it believable is that these sort of invisible “shields” which Mr Hall tells about, have been seen at other times in England, like in the Winchester encounter in 1976. Unfortunately the Saint Cuthbert’s Church has been gutted, and is no longer a church, or it might have been possible to go and have a look and see if there was anything still to be found there. On the upside, you can rent yourself a pretty awesome office space in the tower.


SAM_1359The back entrance. Now a very lovely shop. 

Alien SpeciesThe Usual Suspects

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The Beauty Of Life


At one point, we were all stars. Yes, it’s true. Everything on Earth was once part of a magnificent sun, and at one point your cells were the particles of a mountain, a river, a beach or a leaf. What have our cells seen before they became this human form? Is it still there, the memories, the energy of the winds, the mountains, the trees and the bees? Have you ever gone somewhere and felt instantly at home? Like this..this is where I belong..

Did you ever meet anyone you felt instantly connected to, like, dude, we were once part of the same rock, sort of thing?

I sure have. And to think, it might have all started with the sun!

Please check out BBC’s amazing series Wonders of the Universe with professor Brian Cox.

brian-cox_1521430cAs he talks about galaxies colliding and our life on Earth doomed by our sun’s inevitable death, all I can think about is his beautiful face…ahh.

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The Bowles & Pratt encounter 1976


ufo-england-documentary-out-of-tEngland has a lot of solid UFO cases, and one I find fascinating it this one from Winchester. I love it when ordinary people come forward with incredible stories of UFO encounters, and you just got to love the ending phrase of Mrs Bowles. When you hear this story, pay attention to how casual the strange gentleman puts his arm on the roof of their car, and then starts the car with a mere look at the dashboard. It’s also worth noting that he looks more or less human, and is sporting “sideboards” (a lovely word btw) which was highly fashionable at that time. So have a look at the video here, and read through it here. And don’t be afraid to leave a comment.

“Incidentally, since this happening, I’ve had a telephone-call from a person from London, telling me on no account am I to say anything to anyone about this what we have seen, because I should be having a government official come around to se me. And after all, this is England, and this is a free country, and I will speak and say what I want, which is the truth!”.

Right on Mrs B. Right on.

Louisiana witness sees hovering triangle UFO



                                                                                                                    Illustration Photo

A Louisiana witness slowed his vehicle down for a better look after noticing a silent, triangle-shaped UFO was “hovering just above the trees” while driving west along I-20 between Monroe and Ruston, according to February 12, 2014, testimony in Case 54039 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

Read the article from Examiner here